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HealthONE Lifestyle
In this modern time unhealthy lifestyles, poor physical activities, electro-magnetic radiations, air-water pollution and chemically processed food which are the major culprits of today's stress and different illnesses have become part of everyday life, people's health and well-being are often compromised.
Some of the most common health problems these days are:
Asthma / Allergic Bronchitis, Respiration problems
Pain in Neck, Shoulder & Back
High Blood Pressure / Low Blood Pressure
HealthONE offers a variety of health products based on the principle of Holistic healing, which is safe & effective. HealthONE products not only help you in controlling & curing various health problems, but also prevent you from many diseases that might occur with aging.
HealthONE products
Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant
Scalar Mineral based high-tech formulated energy pendant, made from volcanic lava, using Japanese technology.
MST Energy Pendant
MST Energy Pendant is a natural energy generating device which improves metabolic and circulatory functions of the body to achieve optimal holistic health.
Bio Magnetic Bracelet
Magneto Therapy is the application of magnets to the body to stimulate the nerves and create a better blood flow to various parts of the body. In turn, this helps the organs and glands to function better.
Benefits of HealthONE products
Improves blood circulation & metabolism efficiency
Improves immune system
Helps in improving the body’s aura or energy field
Improves detoxification process
Reduces joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, repetitive strain, swelling and more
Absorbs & shields against electro-magnetic radiations emitted from mobile phones
Cures hypertension
Eliminates waste matters and harmful heavy metals out of human body
Strengthens the body’s biofield preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health
Improves work efficiency & brain activity
Call 9810407405 or 9650787444 for more details and to get a free demonstration to see how it works on your body!
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